The administration of ( is well aware of your great concern about the information we compile about you and about how we use such information. In order for you to be well aware of this matter, we present to your good self our privacy policy. In our turn, we do highly appreciate your confidence in us which ensures dealing with your information carefully and confidently. Through your visit to ( , you shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions of ( In the meantime, we would like to put the following to you in detail:

The information we compile from users of the Site helps us to provide you a better service to improve the way you browse the Site as a user. The following are the types of information we collect:

  • The information we collect about you through your registration in the Site is (E-mail, Name, Phone Number). Through your registration, you shall get an account or membership to the Site comprising a user name and a password that enable you to use the Site.
  • The information entered to ( in more than one way, such as, when you register at the Site or when you add information when you add a post, shall be saved, where the e-mail you registered shall be used as a means to make it easier to us to respond to your requests and to inform you to request all what is new at the Site. Remember, the more accurate the information you provide, the more benefits are provided to the user.
  • E-mail Communications: We receive confirmation through activating the confirmation links sent to you by e-mail in most of the actions and contributions you carry out that require your confirmation.
  • The Site shall also have the right to obtain information about you from other sources and to add it to the information of your account we already have. For example, when you register on our Site through your account on Facebook. We use your e-mail used in the Facebook as the e-mail you have registered in our Site.
  • Our Customer Service may contact you to request certain information, inquire, solve a problem or any other type of requests, including but not limited to the type of browser, phone number, type of your credit card and others.
  • We use other companies and individuals to perform certain tasks on our behalf, such as sending promotional messages by e-mail, data analysis, providing assistance in the field of real estate, attend to the method of payment and other services, as the case may require.

Protecting your private information

The most important matter for you is to protect your information from unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. You must be sure that you have logged out after you finish using any shared computer.

Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

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